The Last Angel: The Lion of Fallavon

The gods have come out to play, and they are looking for champions… In a world dominated by men the gods have decided the time is ripe for their return to the game. But their methods are deceptive; the game pieces are not made of marble or stone, but of flesh and bone. Donovan, a trader of furs, longs for adventure and glory. His wanderlust leads him into deadly twists of fate, and before long he is not the one moving his own game piece. A loving mother, a new father, and unusual teachers all guide Donovan’s life in a direction unknown to anyone…save for the gods…

…who all want him for themselves.

The Lion of Fallavon is the first book in the series The Last Angel. The sequel, Abaddon's Anvil, is scheduled to be released in 2017. Seriously, it is! Why are you looking at me like that? I said 2017 and that's final. Of course, I didn't say when in 2017. That's how I get away with it.

Purchase your copy today from a website you know you can trust: Amazon. Availible in Paperback or Kindle.
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Mother Jupiter, And other Stories from our Galaxy

Mother Jupiter, And other Stories from our Galaxy

Mother Jupiter, And other Stories from our Galaxy

What if buying a spaceship to Mars was like buying a plane ticket to Oregon?

Today, traveling to other States, and countries, is easy. But for every city and civilization, there is the story of those who first settled there.

Set in an alternate timeline, Mother Jupiter gives you a glimpse of what it would be like if you were asked to join the crew to colonize a planet in our solar system. What if you lived on the red dust of Mars, or opposite that on the blue waters of Neptune?

Join Judah and Herschel, Dr. Hanson, Leo, Major Klinge, and others as they venture to these planets and break down the barriers between Earth and its neighbors.

After all, it might be you next.

Purchase Mother Jupiter, And other Stories from our Galaxy, at Amazon. Paperback or Kindle. Whichever you prefer. I won't judge...too harshly.

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