Photo Credit: Kellen Ainley Photography

Photo Credit: Kellen Ainley Photography

My name is Joseph Wolfe; I am a writer. I can prove it to you. Wanna know how?

I wrote what you're reading right now.

Then again, I could be dictated this to someone. So you have to trust me.

This is the person dictating for Joseph. He's lying to you, don't trust him. He's telling me to stop. He's asking me to get away from the keyboardookojfojd.

That was awkward. Good help is hard to find these days. Don't worry, he's fine. I think.

I like to write fantasy fiction. Why? Because a lot of fantasy fiction sucks. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a good amount of it out there that doesn't suck. I've read good fantasy fiction, including my own, and I promise you I am unbiased when it comes to my own books. I was held by the ankle and dipped in the River of Unbiased as a lad, rendering every part of my body unbiased except my heel, which is unable to type and tell you otherwise.

But seriously, there's a lot of books out there that assume the reader is an idiot. They market to the lowest common denominator.  Hey, I get it, I we all have those guilty pleasure books, but aren't you tired of not being able to read a book in public? What if you lived in a world where you don't have to spend an afternoon making a canvas paper cover to hide your shame?

This is where my books come in. I promise I won't talk down to you, like I did just now, or use cheap tricks to get your I'm also doing here.

This isn't going well, is it?

Let me be serious for a moment: I simply want to write damn good fantasy fiction. The kind of stuff that makes you want to turn the page and keeps you thinking long after you put the book down.

I think I've accomplished that. You've already given me a chance by reading all this, why not push that chance a little bit further?

I promise you: it won't suck.

Buy one of my books online, in Paperback or Kindle. And hey, both books are from a website you can trust: Amazon.

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